Calendula Botanical Soap - Essential Oils

Calendula Botanical Soap - Essential Oils

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Handmade Calendula Botanical cold process soap.

I've used infused calendula petals in oil for this soap.

Such great healing properties in this soap.

Calendula is great for healing rashes, scratches, chapped skin, insect bites, burns and damaged skin.

It also is an anti- inflammatory and is both antibacterial and antiviral.

All our soaps are 100% palm oil free and handmade.

All of our soaps are made in small batches to ensure the highest quality bars are produced each time.

As our soap bars are handcrafted and cut from a loaf one by one, there may be slight variations in colour, swirls, size of each bar and weight.

To prolong the life of your soap, allow it to dry thoroughly between uses.

coconut oil, infused olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil, Water, caustic soda, calendula petals, sodium lactate