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Fabric Wall Decals - The Moon and Stars Collection
Fabric Wall Decals - The Moon and Stars Collection

Fabric Wall Decals - The Moon and Stars Collection

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The Moon Illustration, which took six months to meticulously draw, is now available as a fabric wall decal!

Complimented with it's own stars... Now your child can look up and gaze upon their very own moon and stars and imagine what it is like in space.

A gorgeous and dreamy addition for their bedroom! Whether you have a love of space or you just appreciate our beautiful night sky, these fabric wall decals certainly add a magical touch to a child's room!

This is “The Moon and Stars Collection” and it includes:

1 x Moon (20cm x 20cm)

7 x Large Stars (7cm x 7cm)

7 x Small Stars (4cm x 4cm)

Reusable. Removable. Durable. Kid Safe Ink. Fun. Easy to use!

The stars have been created using watercolour, black Indian calligraphy ink, finished with gouache specks-- they are stars within the stars!

The beauty of these Fabric Wall Decals is that they can be reapplied many times over without damaging the sticker itself or the surface they’re applied to, letting you transform the room! A fabulous option for renters!

These Fabric Wall Decals have a luxurious soft textural feel to them and are flexible (the fabric breathes as you smooth them on). They are created with safe ink, are odourless, toxin free.

 Instructions of application will be included in your order. To read more information, see the Product Information page.