Swing (Baby/Toddler) - Vintage Garden

Swing (Baby/Toddler) - Vintage Garden

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Our baby and toddler swings are a beautiful addition to your familys household, whether you have chosen one for indoor, or outdoor use. Originally made for my siblings and me by my own mama, it brings me great joy to make them for my own babes, and now for yours too.

Our swings are designed specifically for your babes, from 6 months of age (or when sitting unaided) until they outgrow them. With a maximum weight capacity of 25kg, you babes will enjoy our swings for years to come.

Our swings are made with the utmost care. Our seats are padded using premium cotton wadding, and we choose luxe fabrics, ensuring your babes can swing in safety, and in style. Our swings are hung on durable, heavy duty rope, and our ropes are clamped on each side, with stainless steel rings attached for easy hanging, ensuring your swing is safe and secure. Having two rings gives you the option of hanging your swing from one anchor point, or from two if you prefer.

Wooden beads are added for tactile exploration and sensory play.

A matching cushion is optional.

Swinging does wonders for sensory and motor development in children. It improves coordination and vestibular stimulation, which in turn improves your child's sense of balance. Children who suffer from any autism spectrum disorder benefit greatly from swinging as it is a relaxing, and soothing experience for both babe and mama.

* Swings are made to order. Current turnaround time is 2 weeks excluding delivery time. Please contact us via email before placing an order if you require your swing by a certain date.

Please Note: Our swings are designed for babies from the age of 6 months/or when able to sit unaided. Swings must only be hung from a load bearing beam, or structurally sound tree branch, using heavy duty rope and/or a heavy duty ceiling hook and carabiner. Do not hang swings above any hard surface. Do not hang above 12inches from ground level. Always keep within hands reach of child, and never leave your child unattended whilst swinging. Remove swing from ceiling hook/load bearing beam when not in use. Check frequently for signs of wear and tear and if found, discontinue use immediately.