What is the weight limit on the swings?

The weight limit for our swings is 25kg, or when your child outgrows it.

How do I hang my swing?

Your swing comes with two stainless steel rings attached with clamps, giving you the option of hanging your swing from one anchor point, or from two.  Your swing can be hung from a stable tree branch, an outdoor area or indoors, provided it is being hung from a structural/load bearing beam. If in doubt, consult a professional carpenter to assess the area you whish to hang your swing from. We recommend using a heavy duty eyebolt, additional heavy duty rope if you would like to hang your swing from a high area, and the use of a snap hook/caribiner between the stainless steel rings and the rope you will be attaching the swing to. Please take note, the breaking force on rope differs, so bear this in mind before hanging your swing from it. The higher the breaking strength, the stronger the rope. A diagram of how to hang your swing is included, along with specific instructions.


We advise you only hang your swing above a soft surface, no higher than 12 inches from the ground if using for a baby/toddler. Never leave your child unattended whilst swinging, and only use soft, gentle swaying.